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Why Choose a Tile Floor?

In just a few words – tile durable, easy to maintain, cost-effective, and available in a wide variety of colors and styles. It is also one of the most environmentally-friendly flooring products you can have installed in your home or office.

Tile is broadly adaptable and can be used in a number of settings – from kitchens and bathrooms to entryways and dining rooms. Whether you are after beautiful stone finish or prefer a ceramic tile that is a little more traditional, you’ll find a color and style at Diamond Home Improvement to suit every taste and budget.

Perfect for High Traffic Areas of your Home

Because it is strong and stain resistant, tile is a great choice for high traffic areas. With tile, you don’t need to worry about pet accident, spills, or daily wear and tear. When properly installed, a tile floor can last a lifetime.

Hypo-allergenic and Easy to Clean

Tile floors eliminate mold and germ problems and also repel such pests as dust mites because there is nowhere for them to thrive unlike with other flooring choices. Tile flooring is also easy to clean with just warm water and there is no need for harsh chemicals to keep it spotless and beautiful.

Why Diamond Home Improvement?

Because you deserve the service and satisfaction you get when you shop for flooring at Diamond Home Improvement. Stop by our showroom in Klamath Falls or Grants Pass and see our outstanding selection of marble, slate, and porcelain and ceramic tile from these brand-name manufacturers:

Then visit with one of our flooring specialists who can answer your questions and provide you with all the information you need to get your flooring project off to a great start.

When it comes to your home or office, choose the Diamond Home Improvement for quality tile flooring and the best prices in Klamath Falls and Grants Pass.